What support is provided to local authorities to help them deliver Bikeability Scotland training?

Local authorities are invited once a year to apply for Support Plus funding, which can pay for the cost of getting instructors trained, recruiting instructor mentors who can assist new instructors, supply teachers to enable teachers to attend instructor training, costs associated with recruiting volunteer instructors, and any equipment needed for training. Cycling Scotland will contact local authority co-ordinators when the fund is open for applications.

Cycling Scotland provides all Bikeability Scotland resources free to local authorities, in return for annual data about the number of pupils who have received training. We also provide one free Cycle Trainer course per local authority per year. Between 5 and 8 participants can be trained on each course.

Where can I order more resources?

Resources can only be ordered by the named co-ordinator at each local authority, who can contact us directly to place an order.

For anyone else requiring resources, please visit this page to find out the procedure.

How can I get more instructors trained?

Most instructors take the one-day Cycle Training Assistant (CTA) course, which enables them to deliver level 1 and 2 of Bikeability Scotland. Ideally you will have someone in the local authority with a Cycle Trainer Plus qualification who is able to deliver CTA courses in-house. If you don't have a Cycle Trainer Plus, please contact Cycling Scotland to discuss your options.

If you wish to put instructors on the four-day Cycle Trainer course (enabling them to deliver all three levels of Bikeability Scotland), this will need to be delivered by a Cycling Scotland Tutor. Please contact us to organise the training.

What other activities are there for encouraging more children to cycle?

There is a list of other activities here.

What is the National Standard?

Bikeability Scotland training follows the UK National Standard for cycle training.

The Standard is set by the Department for Transport, in consultation with the Cycle Training Standards Board, of which Cycling Scotland and the Scottish Government are members.

Please follow the links below to view the National Standard for each level of Bikeability.

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

National Standard Instructor outcomes (equivalent to Cycle Trainer in Scotland)


What is the Bikeability Scotland Policy?

Bikeability Scotland is managed by Cycling Scotland on behalf of the Bikeability Scotland Delivery Group (BSDG).

The BSDG meets quarterly and has representatives from:

  • Transport Scotland
  • Road Safety Scotland
  • Cycling Scotland
  • Sustrans
  • Scottish Cycling
  • CTC
  • Youth Scotland
  • Education Scotland
  • Representatives from Scottish Road Safety Forums and local authorities.

The BSDG issues guidelines and policies on a number of issues relating to Bikeability Scotland.  These can be downloaded at the links below.

Bikeability Scotland Guidelines for Child and Adult Protection

Bikeability Scotland is delivered by our local authority partners, almost exclusively through schools.  In some authorities, this is supplemented by the involvement of Sustrans IBike Officers.  Local authorities and schools can expect to see the biggest impact on young people for cycle training and opportunities to ride, where a dedicated Bikeability Coordinator and an IBike Officer are present.  A joint statement detailing the roles and responsibilities of these posts, and how they work together within the local authority, can be found here.