Who can I talk to about becoming an instructor?

Becoming part of Bikeability Scotland as an instructor is a richly rewarding experience that not only benefits your local community but can also form part of your own personal development.

Anyone delivering Bikeability Scotland training in schools, either on a voluntary basis or as part of a school or local authority role, can train as an instructor free of charge.

If you want to train up as an instructor to deliver Bikeability Scotland in a non-school setting, you can book yourself onto a training course independently. If you will be training adults, there will usually be a cost associated with training as an instructor. See below for more information.

Becoming a Bikeability Scotland volunteer at your local school

If you are a parent, guardian, or a member of the local community you can let your school know that you are interested in training to become a Bikeability Scotland Instructor by either contacting them directly, or by getting in touch with your local authority coordinator.

Bikeability Scotland in your school

If you work at a school or at a local authority, please contact your local authority coordinator who will let you know about the procedures to follow and support available.

Who are the local authority coordinators?

Each local authority in Scotland is structured differently and so, depending on where you live, you will be contacting a member of a team responsible for Active Schools, Active Travel, Outdoor Education, Transport Planning, Road Safety, or a dedicated Bikeability Scotland Coordinator.

Regardless of the exact job title, they will be able to provide information about training needs in your local area and be able to arrange next steps.

Independent schools

If you'd like to teach Bikeability Scotland at an independent school (either as a member of staff or a volunteer) or in a community/non-school setting, please contact Cycling Scotland directly.

Delivering training in a non-school setting

Most Bikeability Scotland training is delivered in schools, but there are organisations and instructors delivering the training in other settings.

If you will be training adults, there will usually be a cost associated with training as an instructor. If you will be training children, you may be able to get a funded place on a course.

Adult cycle training

If you are interested in providing cycle training for adults, there is another Cycling Scotland training course called Adult Cycle Training which might be of interest.