Bikeability Scotland is the national cycle training programme for school children.

Do you remember how much fun you used to have cycling as a child? We want to ensure that children today have the same opportunities and independence that our bikes gave us. And every journey cycled will make a difference in the fight against climate change.

Bikeability Scotland cycle training is available for all school children, but typically delivered in P5-S2.

The training teaches children to cycle safely on the roads, learning how to deal with traffic and other hazards. Above all, Bikeability Scotland is designed to be fun and get children excited about cycling.

There's also a Gaelic version of the Parents' guide. You can find guides in other languages on our resources page.

If your child's school doesn't currently offer Bikeability Scotland, why not speak to them and ask if they can consider doing this? They can find out how to start Bikeability Scotland training on this website.

You can also use our interactive map of Scotland* where you can filter by level of training, or, if all levels are selected, the highest level delivered will be shown.  Please be aware that some schools deliver training every other year and the map will reflect that accordingly.


If the school you're looking for doesn't appear here, read how you can support them to start delivering Bikeability Scotland training.

* Delivery data is updated at the end of the academic year.