Four ways to help get Bikeability Scotland into your school

Bikeability Scotland is the national cycle training programme for school children.

It's designed to give them the skills and confidence to cycle now and into adulthood. Hundreds of schools across the country already deliver Bikeability Scotland training every year. However, Cycling Scotland wants every school in Scotland to offer pupils essential cycle training.

Your local authority coordinator will be working hard to promote the programme, but if Bikeability Scotland training isn’t yet offered in your child’s school here are four simple ways you can help to get the programme up and running

1. Volunteer to become a Bikeability Scotland instructor

Schools can be keen to start Bikeability Scotland training but don’t have a trained instructor to run the course. By becoming an instructor, you could help pupils get into cycling as a healthy, fun, and eco-friendly mode of transport.

You don’t need to be a cycling expert to complete the training and it is provided completely free of charge by Cycling Scotland. Enthusiasm, some spare time, and a desire to help kids gain essential cycling skills are a definite plus!

Learn more about becoming a Bikeability Scotland instructor.

2. Contact your school about Bikeability Scotland

Parents and carers can play a role in shaping the education schools provide to pupils. Contact your child’s school and encourage them to run Bikeability Scotland cycle training in the future.

Bikeability can be delivered in any school in Scotland, led by a teacher or a local volunteer. Funding may be available to cover teachers while they attend training and Cycling Scotland can also support local authorities with access to free bikes and equipment in certain locations.

3. Connect with other parents and the Parent-Teacher Council

The more demand there is for cycle safety training for pupils, the more likely the school will be to consider it next term. Speak to other parents and carers about Bikeability Scotland training and encourage them to reach out to the school.

Parent-teacher councils or associations are another way to suggest additions to the school curriculum. They offer a direct link to senior teachers within your child’s school. Information on your parent-teacher council can usually be found on the school website.     

4. Contact your local Councillor

In 2017, the Scottish Parliament agreed a motion supporting active travel and the belief that “every schoolchild should have the opportunity to benefit from cycle training”.*

If your child’s school is not offering Bikeability Scotland training, contacting your local Councillor can be helpful to encourage a change. You can also contact the Education convenor within your local authority and urge others to do the same.

Visit the website to find your local authority website and contact details for local Councillors.  

Developing essential life skills for children

Learning to cycle safely is an essential life skill and every child in Scotland deserves the opportunity to complete Bikeability Scotland training. For more information, download our Parents’ guide to Bikeability Scotland or contact the Bikeability Scotland team.

*Scottish Parliament motion S5M-08497 on the promotion of active travel in Scotland.