Cycling Champions of the Year Awards 2020

The ‘Cycling Champions of the Year’ Awards are promoted and presented jointly by Cycling Scotland, Cycling UK, Scottish Cycling and Sustrans Scotland.

The award seeks to recognise the individuals and organisations that have left a lasting impression on cycling in Scotland during the last year, pre covid-19 or during the pandemic. 

Award winners

  • Visionary Champion of the Year – Cllr Lesley MacInnes, City of Edinburgh Council
  • Delivery Champion of the Year – Cathy Miller, Empty Kitchens, Full Hearts and Refugee Community Kitchen, Edinburgh
  • Business Champion of the Year – Civerinos Slice, Edinburgh
  • Cycle Shop Champion of the Year – Chris Bowden, Heaven Bikes, Bonar Bridge

Award categories

The Visionary Champion of the Year is presented to an individual whose vision and contribution has made a significant impact and influence on cycling strategy and development at a local, regional or national level.

The Delivery Champion of the Year is presented to an individual who has made a significant social impact through the delivery of cycling projects and activities.

The Business Champion of the Year is presented to an individual or colleagues who have sustained or enhanced their business through adoption and promotion of cycling activities. The champion has led the business with policy and action to support and promote low-carbon communities and enable staff, customers and visitors to cycle in the community and set a precedent that influences others.

The Cycle Shop Champion of the Year is presented to a Scottish cycle retailer that is at the heart of a cycling community, selling ‘cycling’ as much as selling bikes and products. The Cycle Shop Cycling Champion has demonstrated the value of the cycle retail industry to Scottish communities and our collective aim of making cycling accessible to all and reaching new audiences.

Award criteria

  • demonstrated leadership, going above and beyond;
  • played an influential role in the delivery of services, initiatives, campaigns or projects
  • expanded the reach of cycling to more people;
  • been a source of inspiration, innovation and good practice.