The Active Travel Open Data portal is re-launched

28 October 2021    

The Active Travel Open Data portal (ATOD) is the home of active travel data in Scotland.

The Active Travel Open Data portal (ATOD) has been re-launched with a new landing page, an improved user experience and an interactive map displaying real-time data from a wide range of sources.

Bringing together local and national cycling stats, and real-time data from local authorities and active travel partners, ATOD provides the most comprehensive collective of active travel data of its kind in Scotland.

In the spirit of openness, the data is free to access and re-publish, with users able to submit their own walking, wheeling or cycling data. In this way, ATOD is a platform for the entire active travel sector.

You can learn more about ATOD and the information it holds by watching this short video.

ATOD can support research, policy and decision making at all levels by providing clear data to make evidence-based choices.

The types of data available include:

  • Cycling statistics from the Scottish Household Survey, Sustrans, Living Streets Scotland and Transport Scotland.
  • Real time automatic cycle counter data from Cycling Scotland’s National Monitoring Framework, local authorities, and other active travel organisations.
  • Traffic survey data from across Scotland.
  • Cycling Scotland programme data including: Bikeability Scotland, the Big Count, YouGov Surveys, and Cycling Friendly awards.


You can learn more about ATOD on the Frequently Asked Questions page.