Three reasons to take the Go Mountain Bike Orientation course

10th October 2017    

This course is a one day orientation which enables successful candidates to become Go Mountain Bike (Go MTB) instructors.

Go MTB is a mountain bike proficiency course covering four themes: riding skills; first aid; being independent and self supporting; and sharing the outdoors.

The Go Mountain Bike Orientation allows you to become a Go Mountain Bike Instructor, and here are three reasons why you should!

  1. Build on existing qualifications. The course is for current mountain bike instructors holding a CTC, MIAS, MBLA or British Cycling qualification, such as Trail Cycle Leader (TCL) or Mountain Bike Leader (MBL).
  2. Become an approved instructor. Successful candidates will be approved as instructors at either Level 3 or Level 5, dependent upon their personal skills and previous qualifications.
  3. It won’t break the bank. Course costs vary from £70 -£150, depending on the provider delivering the course.

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