Cycle Friendly Campus

Cycle Friendly Campus

Cycle Friendly Campus supports colleges and universities across Scotland to take a leading role in the promotion of cycling as a healthy, sustainable and accessible travel option. 

The Award

The Cycle Friendly Campus Award offers guidance and recognition for institutions who are working to improve their campuses to increase cycling.

The Award was developed in partnership with Scottish colleges and universities and reflect proven solutions to common barriers. 


Cycle Friendly Campus Development Grant 2017/18

What is the fund?

The Cycle Friendly Campus Development Fund is designed to support Scottish colleges and universities and to take a leading role in increasing the number of journeys by bike. 
Capital projects which are focused on improving cycling facilities and physical infrastructure – such as cycle parking, signage, changing facilities - are the key focus on this funding opportunity.


How much is available?

Dependant on the level of demand, it is expected that Cycling Scotland will award individual grants of between £5,000 and £25,000. Applications for less than £5,000 may still be considered if it can be evidenced that the project is likely to have a sufficient impact on cycling rates.


Who is eligible?

The Cycle Friendly Campus Development Fund is open to all Scottish colleges and universities (and associated organisations) who are actively working to promote cycling as a sustainable travel choice.

Projects must be focused on campuses located in Scotland. 


What are the key dates?

Launch Date: 28th November 2017

Deadline: 10th January 2018

Decision: by 5th February 2018


How to apply?

  1. Download an application pack from here.
  2. In advance of applying, seek advice from Cycling Scotland’s Development Officer.
  3. Submit your application via email to  by 17:00, 10th January 2018


Who to contact for more information?

Valentin Jeanjean

Development Officer

Tel: 0141 229 5443