Cycle Friendly Campus

Cycle Friendly Campus

Cycling a great way to stay fit and healthy, it reduces stress and improves mental health, saves on transport costs and is a great way to get to know a new city. 

The Cycle Friendly Campus programme supports colleges and universities to promote cycling as a healthy and sustainable travel option for staff and students across Scotland by offering a development fund and an award accreditation. 

Cycle Friendly Campus Award

The Cycle Friendly Campus Award offers recognition for institutions who are working to improve their campuses in order to increase cycling. The award reflects the efforts taken by colleges and universities to make cycling more accessible for all students and staff. 

We have worked in partnership with Scottish colleges and universities to design and refine the award and it reflects proven solutions to overcoming the common barriers to cycling. 

Who to contact for more information?
Valentin Jeanjean (Development Officer)
0141 229 5443

Cycle Friendly Campus Development Fund

What is the fund?
The Cycle Friendly Campus Development Fund supports Scottish colleges and universities to take a leading role in increasing the number of journeys by bike.
Capital projects which focus on improving cycling facilities and physical infrastructure – such as cycle parking, signage and changing facilities – are the key focus on this funding opportunity.

Why apply?
With significant investment dedicated to increasing cycling, the Cycle Friendly Development Fund provides an excellent opportunity to make a real difference to your campus. 

How much is available?
It is expected that Cycling Scotland will award individual grants of up to £25,000. Applications for less than £5,000 may still be considered if it can be evidenced that the project is likely to have a sufficient impact on cycling rates.

Who can apply?
The Cycle Friendly Campus Development Fund is open to all Scottish colleges and universities (and associated organisations) who are actively working to promote cycling as a sustainable travel choice. Projects must be focused on campuses located in Scotland. 

How to apply?
1. Download the Application Pack

2. Read our Top 10 tips for applying for Cycle Friendly Campus Fund

3. Fill in the application form and send it to by 7th November 2018