Cycle Friendly Employer

Cycle Friendly Employer

The nationally recognised Cycle Friendly Employer programme supports organisations to encourage cycling as a healthy, sustainable and accessible way to commute. 

Cycling is a great way to stay healthy: it reduces stress, improves productivity and supports good mental health. Commuting by bike saves on transport costs, improves your local area, cuts congestion and supports your corporate social responsibility commitments. The Cycle Friendly Employer programme provides a development fund and an award scheme to support organisations to make it easier for their staff to cycle.

Cycle Friendly Employer Development Fund - NOW OPEN

What is the fund?
The Cycle Friendly Development Fund, financed by Transport Scotland, is awarded to organisations to develop projects that encourage staff and visitors to travel by bike. 

Funding has provided the installation of cycle parking, upgrading of minor workplace specific pedestrian / cyclist access routes, upgrading of facilities such as changing areas, showers, lockers and drying areas as well as bike pools, hire fleets or creating maintenance areas and tools.

Why apply?
There are many ways that cycling can benefit both you as an employer and the employees of your organisation. Studies have shown that those who regularly cycle to work typically take fewer sick days than less active commuters and regular exercise not only reduces stress and improve mental health but can also increase energy and concentration levels, leading to a more productive workforce. 

Supporting cycling can cut congestion, improve your local environment and enhance your corporate social responsibility by reducing your carbon footprint. Using a bike to travel short distances to meetings, or between sites, can save money that would previously have been spent on taxi and car expenses or on public transport. Finally, working towards Cycle Friendly Employer will support the physical activity criteria of the Healthy Working Lives award.

How much is available?
Up to £25,000 is available for organisations.

Who can apply?
We encourage all businesses to consider applying but particularly those located close to new Community Links or other new cycling infrastructure. More people are likely to choose to commute by bike as infrastructure improves so it’s likely there will be a greater demand for cycling facilities in nearby workplaces.

How to apply?

Read the guidance notes and complete the application form.

Application extended to 31 May: send your application form to by 5pm on 31 May

We advise that you get in touch with us prior to application at the email above.

Cycle Friendly Employer Award

The nationally recognised Cycle Friendly Employer Award supports Scottish organisations wishing to encourage cycling as a healthy, sustainable and accessible way to travel to work.

Organisations registered for Cycle Friendly Employer Award will benefit from guidance, resources and one-to-one support to enable an increase in staff cycle rates and accredited service centres located across the country will help you through the process.

Who to contact for more information?
Nathalie Libera (Development Officer)
0141 229 5470