Pedal Ayr

Pedal Ayr is a fun, welcoming, free-to-enter cycling event for people new to cycling and families. It takes place on 12 September 2021 and will be open for registration 4-6 weeks before.

Is this ride for me?

If you’re looking for a welcoming, safe and fun cycling environment, this event is for you!

Pedal Ayr will cover a beginner-friendly 7.2-mile route, taking in the seafront esplanade and cycle paths. The event will be held subject to local public health guidance and protocols.

Why should I take part?

This is a perfect opportunity to enjoy and explore some of the local cycling routes in South Ayrshire.

What can I expect?

The ride will start and finish at the Low Green, Ayr which sits next to the NCN7 (National Cycle Network Route 7). After enjoying Pedal Ayr, you’ll leave with a greater knowledge of local cycling infrastructure and opportunities in Ayrshire.

What do I need?

Just your bike and your sense of fun!

If you don’t have a bike, a limited number of bikes will be available to support riders and families.

How much does it cost?

Nothing! Pedal for Scotland events are free to enter! You will need to register for the event to take part – registrations will open 4-6 weeks before each event.

Where does the route go?

Starting from the Low Green, a popular park in Ayr, you will follow a 7.2 mile signed and marshalled route, taking in the seafront esplanade and the NCN7 (National Cycle Network Route 7).

**Registration will open 4-6 weeks before the event – please check back soon.**

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