Find out how you can get involved in fundraising at this year's event.

This year we've joined forces with 4 different charities and encourage everyone to help us raise money for great causes: British Heart Foundation, STV Children's Appeal, Glasgow Children's Hospital Charity and SAMH.

Getting started is super easy, here are the steps:

1. Decide which charity you would like to support and create a fundraising page.







Raise money to research cures and treatments for heart and circulatory diseases. Find out more.

Create a fundraising page for British Heart Foundation






Raise money to support young people living in poverty in Scotland. Find out more.

Create a fundraising page for STV Children's Appeal







Raise money to ensure that the babies, children and young people treated at the children’s hospital in Glasgow receive the best possible care. Find out more.

Create a fundraising page for Glasgow Children's Hospital Charity





Raise money to help support mental health social care, homelessness, addictions, employment services and more. Find out more.

Create a fundraising page for SAMH

2. Share the fundraising page with your family, friends or work/school colleagues.

This can be done through social media, email or word of mouth. Simply share the link and let your friends and family donate money for your chosen charity.

It's as simple as that and takes just few minutes to get started. 

3. If you haven't yet, pick your ride and sign up.

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