Will I get a medal?

Yes, everyone who finishes Pedal for Scotland will get a medal.

How long will it take me to complete the route?

This will depend on your fitness and experience.

For the Classic Challenge…
For the Classic Challenge we anticipate the fastest participant to take just under 2.5 hours and the slowest participant to take around 5hrs 45min. An average would therefore be around 4 – 4.5 hrs. If you are feeling like you may take a bit longer to complete the Classic Challenge, then please start as close to 7:30 as possible.

For the Big Belter….
For the Big Belter we anticipate the fastest participant to take just over 4 hours and the slowest participant to take around 8.5 hours. An average would therefore be between 5-6 hrs. NOTE: There is a minimum speed for the Big Belter (20kph or 12.4mph). There will be cut-off points in two locations on the Big Belter route and if you are running behind the minimum speed, you will be able to take the cut-offs route (which shortens the overall route).

Again, if you are feeling like you may take a bit longer to complete the Big Belter, then please start as close to 6:45 as possible.

Do I have to go at a certain speed on the Classic Challenge?

In order to cause minimum disruption to local communities along the Classic Challenge route we do have cut off times along the route that you have to hit in order to complete the ride. These cut off times are based on a slowest rider of 15kph (9.3mph), with allowance for rest stops. Please note that this is the slowest speed based on the slowest rider starting in the last wave at 9:00.

As a practical example, if you start in the first wave at 7:30 you will have an extra 2 hours to complete on top of the 6hrs already allowed meaning that you have a total of 8 hrs to finish in time for 15:30.

Therefore, if you are feeling like you may take a bit longer to complete the Classic Challenge, then please choose an earlier starting wave.

Do I need to train? If so, how much training?

The Classic Challenge is indeed a challenge, so we would strongly recommend that everyone gets out on their bike before the event – suggest at least 5-10 times and getting to distances as long as your chosen route. The amount of training that is needed will depend on each person, but you should feel comfortable cycling for the distance of your chosen ride as well as being in the saddle all day.

Pedal for Scotland is also a sociable ride, with thousands of other participants along the route. As such, you should feel comfortable riding your bike amongst groups of people, so a bit of training with others would also be helpful. Please see our Training Rides page to find Pedal for Scotland training rides near you, or look on the Cycling UK site and Scottish Cycling to find groups and clubs near you.

For the Big Belter, we would recommend extensive training. The Big Belter is a very long distance, and there are substantial climbs en route.

Ultimately, the amount of training will depend on your current fitness levels. Please see the page on preparation advice and keep an eye on the Pedal for Scotland website for some additional useful training tips and advice.

Can family and friends watch me at the start, finish or along the route?

Friends and family can come and watch you at the start, at the finish and along the route. Please bear in mind that the route will be on closed roads meaning that friends travelling in vehicles to watch you should plan their route in advance.


How do I get to/from the start/finish?

Event transport is available and participants will be able to book transport at the same time as their registration (you may be able to go back and add transport, but there are limited spaces, so please book early). Participants who wish to add on transport after their registration can login back into their online account and add transport there. Instructions on how to do this are found on your registration confirmation email. For further support you can call our support line on 0333 300 3485. Please note that event transport must be booked in advance. No bookings for transport can be made on the event day.

By Rail: There is limited capacity on trains to carry bicycles and ScotRail will assist where it is safe to allow bicycles to be carried. Please see ScotRail’s bicycle carriage policy here: http://www.scotrail.co.uk/plan-your-journey/travel-connections/cycling
Please be advised that on the day of the event there will be thousands of riders coming into Edinburgh and ScotRail is unable to carry large numbers of cycles on its train services.

By Car: We would encourage you to access Edinburgh and Glasgow by public transport or on your bike, but if you must use a car, there will be parking available nearby.

Please note that there is no dedicated event parking, pick-up or drop-off areas for those who arrive at the start by vehicle. For parking information, please see http://www.glasgow.gov.uk/parking for details on where to park in Glasgow. Please keep in mind that there will be traffic management in and around Glasgow Green as well as along the route out of Glasgow and this will also impact any noted parking locations.

What type of bicycle can i use?

Understand that the following bike(s) are forbidden for use during the Event – power on demand electronic bikes (electronically assisted ARE allowed), fixed gear bikes/fixies (allowed with two independent brakes), any attachment parts that endanger other riders (e.g. kick stands that stick out), and penny farthings.