Emergency Access Along the Route

Emergency services such as Police Scotland, Scottish Ambulance Service, Scottish Fire and Rescue and all impacted local authority emergency personnel have been informed of plans and are briefed on the event.  As such, any emergencies will be treated in the usual manner, so if you require the emergency services, please call 999.  Any access required for emergency vehicles will be maintained and prioritised by event staff.

Access On the Day of the Event

There will be stewards, police officers and volunteers positioned along the route.  If you require assistance on the day that is not a 999 emergency please ask event staff to help.  In addition, there will be signs on and around the route indicating diversions for traffic.

Community Engagement

For the safety of participants and those working on the route, and to ensure support from emergency services, roads are closed for a pre-agreed period.  This allows for the necessary safety infrastructure to be laid on the route and safety stewards and route teams to be deployed along sections of the route ahead of participants.
We do realise that the necessary road closures have an impact on ‘business as usual’. We have therefore worked hard to ensure that everyone along the route has as much information as possible so that plans can be made in advance.