Road Closures & Resident Information

For the safety of participants and those working on the route, and to ensure support from emergency services, roads are closed for a pre-agreed period.  This allows for the necessary safety infrastructure to be laid on the route and safety stewards and route teams to be deployed along sections of the route ahead of participants.
We do realise that the necessary road closures have an impact on ‘business as usual’. We have therefore worked hard to ensure that everyone along the route has as much information as possible so that plans can be made in advance.
Communications for communities along the route for the 2019 event are yet to be finalised. 
Below are documents from 2018 that can be used as a reference for information about the route through each area:
For people with priority needs, most importantly such as social care visits, managed access plans can be put in place if we are contacted at If people are unable to access the internet or email, they can phone 0141 370 0466.