Make Pedal for Scotland your tradition

7th December 2017    

“Pedal for Scotland this year was exceptional, especially as I had friends and family with me.” Eddie Chan

People take part in Pedal for Scotland for many different reasons. One of the strongest and most frequent influencers for participants are their friends and family. For many, taking part in the event is an annual tradition where they can meet up with their old friends and colleagues. Each year we run the event with this in mind. We aim to have cycling become a part of your life where you can enjoy training with friend just as much taking part on the day.

One participant , Eddie Chan, has returned to do Pedal for Scotland's Classic Challenge for several years. Here is how he prepared for the event:

"We headed out in 3s, 4s and sometimes 5s. We started small doing 12 miles then up to 20 miles then 24 miles. It was important to start small as some of the group had not been on a bike for 10 years or more. The biggest group was 30+. Training with a group is so much fun and a great way to just catch up with friends, have a good laugh and encourage the ones who are doing it first time. We started a WhatsApp group and the banter was great, I would recommend if you are starting out or taking
part for first time."

Edward Chan training for Pedal for Scotland with his friends.

This year you can start your tradition by encouraging those who matter to you, for a fantastic day out. Pedal for Scotland is a way of bringing people together through cycling. It's an opportunity to bring all your friends and family together for a memorable experience. We offer a range of rides for people of all ages and abilities so you can find something that fits your needs. 

Taking part in Pedal for Scotland is a must for me every year. The first time I took part I cycled for cancer charity, Maggie’s, who helped my mum and many of my family and friends through cancer, so this event has a place in my heart. The event is well organised and the people are amazing whether volunteers or riders. Everyone is always friendly and happy to chat whether at the start, 20+ mile mark or the finish. There is always someone happy to chat and encourage you along. I love it.”

Make Pedal for Scotland a part of your life and create a tradition that brings you together. Invite your family and friends and register for the Wee Jaunt, Classic Challenge or Big Belter.

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