Consultation response - Draft Energy Strategy and Just Transition Plan

23 March 2023

Cycling Scotland has responded to the Scottish Government’s consultation on its draft Energy Strategy and Just Transition Plan.

Our key points include the need to ensure the sustainable travel hierarchy plays a key role in decisions on energy production and use in the transport sector, and that carbon free alternatives such as cycling should be included in planning for public transport modes, such as bike carriage on buses and cycle storage and parking at train stations.

Consultation response - Proposed Wellbeing and Sustainable Development (Scotland) Bill

23 March 2023

Cycling Scotland has responded to the consultation on the proposed Wellbeing and Sustainable Development (Scotland) Bill.

With a common definition of sustainable development, a commissioner and responsibility on public bodies to act in the interest of future generations we see increased opportunity for, and focus on, meeting our climate goals. We note the recent news in Wales around road building and prioritisation of active travel, which shows the potential within the transport sector to benefit from similar act and a commissioner.

Consultation response - ZetTrans Transport Strategy

24 February 2023

Cycling Scotland has responded to the ZetTrans regional transport strategy.

Points include: a focus on improving paths to grow rates of active travel, and installing cycle monitors to measure rates of cycling at key locations. Actions that suit Shetland’s geography are needed to reduce car usage such as parking charges, incentivising the purchase of bikes and e-bikes, and improved bus timetables.

Consultation response - Death by driving

28 November 2022

Cycling Scotland has responded to the Scottish Sentencing Council consultation on death by driving. We have made points related to categorisation of actions, sentencing and additional training that includes the awareness of the safety of vulnerable road users.


Consultation response - Tactran strategy 2023-33

9 November 2022

We have responded to the Tactran regional transport strategy for 2023-33. Our key points include the reduction of transport poverty is key, integrating cycling across different transport modes can help us achieve the needed modal shift, and to improve safety in the area, we should build a network of cycling infrastructure.

Consultation response - SPT strategy 2022-2037

31 October 2022

Cycling Scotland has responded to the SPT consultation 

We welcome proposals for integrated ticketing, a modal shift to active travel, and a reduction of car kilometres. Changing the way we travel must be a priority focus across the SPT region; in 2019, 54% of car journeys were under three miles.

Consultation response - Driving licensing review

27 October 2022

This consultation responds to Department for Transport proposals on driver licensing. 

We are opposed to these proposals on the basis that removing the need for extra licensing and testing can have a big impact on road safety for vulnerable users, our environment and the enjoyment of people using the road for active travel. 

Cycling Scotland annual report 2021/22

6 October 2022

On behalf of the Board and staff team, welcome to Cycling Scotland’s Annual Report 2021–22. This provides an overview of the organisation’s activity, progress and achievements through the many projects we have delivered, funded and supported during the year.

Local authority cycle storage and parking fund - Presentation

27 September 2022

Find out more about the residential cycle storage fund which is one of Cycling Scotland's most requested development funds.

Cycle storage research: executive summary

25 July 2022

Cycling Scotland has commissioned this research from Pettycur Consulting Ltd to help understand the barriers to residential cycle storage in Scotland and what solutions might be implemented to improve and increase cycle storage provision. 

Consultation response: Permitted Development Rights review - phase 2

19 July 2022

Cycling Scotland has responded to the Permitted Development Rights review (phase 2) and has called for greater flexibility and ease of planning requests to install adequate cycle parking and storage, a focus on reducing car kilometres, and a need for greater connectivity between our communities through 20-minute neighbourhoods.

Affordable access to bikes executive summary

16 June 2022

Access to suitable and affordable bikes is a priority to help more people cycle in Scotland, improving public health and helping us tackle the climate emergency. Bike reuse, repair and recycling creates skills and employment opportunities, as well as diverting waste from landfill and it can also generate income for social enterprises.

Cycling Scotland and partners, Scottish Enterprise and Zero Waste Scotland, commissioned research to explore bike reuse and circular business models across Europe and Scotland, outlining best practice and potential for growth.

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