Bikeability Scotland - Classroom pack

Fun games, quizzes and tasks for children to try to support learning about cycling.

Cycling games

Thanks to the input and contributions from trained tutors and instructors we have compiled this resource to support you to get the most out of your cycling activities. Each game has simple to follow instructions with clearly defined objectives.

Blazing Saddles Information Sheet 2020

Find out contact details of Blazing Saddles, unique mobile all-abilities cycling service.

Bikeability Scotland leaflet for Primary Schools

Information on what Bikeability Scotland can do for your Primary School.

Bikeability Scotland leaflet (support)

Information aimed at schools and local authorities explaining what help is available to deliver the training.

Bikeability Scotland - Delivering Inclusive Cycle Training

A summary of guidance on good practice of disability cycle training.

Bikeability Scotland - Parents' guide

An informational document for parents with explanation of what Bikeability Scotland is and more.

Cycling Friendly Secondary School fund info

Find out the essential information about our Cycling Friendly Secondary School funding.

Cycling Friendly Secondary School handbook

Find out the essential information about becoming a Cycling Friendly Secondary School.

Cycling Friendly Primary School handbook

Find out the essential information about becoming a Cycling Friendly Primary School.

Guidance on how to set up a bike bus

A bike bus is a brilliant way to support and encourage primary-school children to cycle to school, giving them the experience of cycling on roads, with the safety of being directed by adults and surrounded by others cycling. Find out how to set one up at your school.

Bikeability Scotland - Rider's guide Level 2 - LARGE PRINT

An informational document that teaches children basic skills for riding on
the road, including turning at junctions. Level 2 training takes place on quiet roads.

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