Consultation response - Air quality in Scotland

Scotland continues to face a significant challenge in terms of vehicle emissions and there is a clear need to address these both as a significant contributor to climate change and as a public health issue. Cycling has an important role to play with regards to addressing climate change issues in transport, as a zero-carbon option.

Consultation response - National Transport Strategy - Early Engagement Survey

The three key strategic outcomes outlined in the strategy will continue to be relevant over the coming decades. The one thing which needs to change substantially now in transport is to change the current focus away from cars (and other light motorised vehicles) as the default option, and instead re-focus on cycling and active travel as a real and positive alternative, particularly for short journeys.

Consultation response - Improving parking in Scotland

Poorly parked vehicles can force pedestrians into the road. They can inhibit the independence of many vulnerable people and be particularly dangerous for older people, for families with pushchairs and for those with visual or mobility impairments.

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