Consultation response - Scottish Planning Policy and Housing

The focus should be on development in the right development in the right place, rather than to allow development at any cost. When identifying land for housing supply, development should be directed to the re-use or re-development of brownfield land and there must be a firm presumption against development of greenfield sites.

Consultation response - Rural Economy and Connectivity Committee

Active travel has an important role to play in improving rural connectivity, and for delivering a green transition. In response to the current pandemic, there is a need to ensure that transport infrastructure decision-making and spending takes into account the need to support physical distancing for active travel and public transport, both now and in response to future pandemics.

Consultation response - Review of Highway Code 2020

The review of the Highway Code aims to improve road safety for people on bikes, pedestrians and horse riders.

Consultation response - Scotland’s Towns Partnership Towns Review: call for evidence

Cycling Scotland's response to the Scotland’s Towns Partnership Towns Review focuses on the multiple benefits of prioritising developments for active travel.

Social housing fund progress report

The Social Housing Partnership Fund offers grants to social housing providers to make it easier for residents to walk and cycle. This report provides findings and impact of the fund. 


Consultation response - The Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform Committee

Investment in coherent networks of safe, easy to access segregated cycling infrastructure is needed to support the modal shift to active travel.

Access to bikes report - executive summary

Executive summary, including findings and recommendations, from our 2020 access to bikes report. 


Access to bikes report

Almost 200 organisations run access to bikes schemes in Scotland, which include fleets of pool bikes, bike loans for events, public bike hire, cycle to work schemes and bike recycling schemes. Find out more in our 2020 report. 

Consultation response - Just Transition Commission

Cycling and active travel has a key role in achieving a Just Transition to net-zero emissions and can help to address the overwhelming challenges of the climate emergency.

Cycling rates during Covid-19 - data analysis report

Measuring the levels of cycling across Scotland during the pandemic.

Consultation response - Future of Transport Regulatory Review 2020

Focused on electric scooters (escooters), as the micromobility mode most of relevance but many of the principles apply to other forms of micromobility as well.

Consultation response - City of Edinburgh Council City Mobility Plan

Consultation response - we welcome the vision set for the city of Edinburgh but acknowledge existing challenges

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