Access to bikes report

28 July 2020

Almost 200 organisations run access to bikes schemes in Scotland, which include fleets of pool bikes, bike loans for events, public bike hire, cycle to work schemes and bike recycling schemes. Find out more in our 2020 report. 

Consultation response - Just Transition Commission

29 June 2020

Cycling and active travel has a key role in achieving a Just Transition to net-zero emissions and can help to address the overwhelming challenges of the climate emergency.

Cycling rates during Covid-19 - data analysis report

9 June 2020

Measuring the levels of cycling across Scotland during the pandemic.

Consultation response - Future of Transport Regulatory Review 2020

24 May 2020

Focused on electric scooters (escooters), as the micromobility mode most of relevance but many of the principles apply to other forms of micromobility as well.

Consultation response - City of Edinburgh Council City Mobility Plan

30 April 2020

We welcome the vision set for the city of Edinburgh but acknowledge existing challenges

Consultation response - National Planning Framework 4 (NPF4)

29 April 2020

Our submission comments on both Scottish Planning Policy (SPP) and the National Planning Framework Housing Technical Discussion Paper.   

Consultation response -Strategic Transport Projects Review 2 Case for Change report - stakeholder survey

29 April 2020

The overwhelming challenges presented by the climate emergency are the top priority for STPR2 decisions.

Annual report 2018/19

6 March 2020

Consultation response - Scotland's low emission zones

25 February 2020

We agree with the primary objective of the LEZs as outlined in the consultation paper. It is important that LEZs align to current policy on improving air quality, and emissions reduction targets

Review of cycling casualties (GCPH)

25 February 2020

This Glasgow Centre for Population Health (GCPH) review combines analysis of reported cycling casualties in Scotland over a 23-year period from 1995-2018, with a literature review of under-reporting of casualties and near misses.

Consultation response - Permitted Development Rights (PDR)

29 January 2020

We welcome the inclusion of active travel within the proposed work programme. However, despite this, we understand that sheds and storage containers for bike storage, are/continue to be included in the household development grouping. We feel it is more appropriate for them to be included in the active travel category and are disappointed to note that there are no plans to extend PDRs to storage facilities in front gardens.

Consultation response - STPR2 Stakeholder survey

14 January 2020

The top priorities for STPR2 should include: creating coherent networks of safe, easy to access dedicated cycling infrastructure; improving both walking and cycling access to rail stations and key bus modes to improve connectivity and public transport integration; end the expansion of trunk road capacity and prioritise active and sustainable travel in budget allocations, spending at least 10% of transport budgets on active travel; increasing access to bikes; and long-term, planned funding for pedestrian and toucan crossings, footway and cycleway maintenance to improve local access for all.

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