Cycling Friendly awards

Celebrating organisations across Scotland that are committed to supporting more people to cycle.


The Cycling Friendly award is a recognition of the effort and hard work undertaken by an organisation to support people to cycle. 

This nationally recognised award provides a framework, resources and one-to-one support to help your organisation - whether you're a workplace, a school, a community group, a university or a college - make it easier for anyone to cycle.

Benefits include: 

  • framework, resources and bespoke support to help your organisation work towards the award
  • assessors from accredited service centres across Scotland who will support you through the process
  • nationally recognised award, valid for three years
  • recognition for your organisation's commitment to supporting physical and mental health, tackling climate change, working to overcome inequalities and improvement of your local environment

All across the country, and from organisations large and small, we've been delighted to award the Cycling Friendly award to over 400 organisations. Some big names include NHS Scotland, Scottish Gas, HMRC, Sainsburys and National Galleries of Scotland.

You can find out more about the award on our Cycling Friendly pages:


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Secondary school

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