Residential Cycle Storage and Parking Fund

The Residential Cycle Storage and Parking Fund works with local authorities to install safe and secure cycle storage facilities.

With a third of Scottish households likely to be living in accommodation without access to suitable cycle storage, local authorities can access support and funding, provided by Transport Scotland, to install secure cycle storage for residents living in high-rise buildings, tenement flats and apartment blocks.

Cycling Scotland works with partners at a national and local level, to make sure that everyone in Scotland has a safe and appropriate place to store their bikes.

Cycling Scotland’s Residential Cycle Storage and Parking Fund provides funding to local authorities for residential cycle storage facilities. The fund is currently open to applicants.

What? Funding to install cycle storage and parking that will encourage more people to cycle.

Why? An estimated 1.5 million people living in Scotland don’t have a safe and secure space to leave their bike at home, and a third of people say this prevents them from cycling. We need to make it easier for people to choose cycling: installing storage will help to overcome a major barrier to people cycling, particularly for those living in flats and tenements

Who? The fund is available to all local authorities in Scotland.

When? Grants will continue to be awarded on an ongoing basis until all funding is fully committed.

How? If you are interested in applying, please register your interest and one of our development officers will be in touch. 


Find out more on cycle storage provision and approaches taken by local authorities such as:

Is there a deadline for applying?

No. The application form is currently live and will remain open till the funding is allocated.

Is there a cap on the funding amount that a local authority can apply for?

Unlike other funds managed by Cycling Scotland, there is currently no cap on the amount that can be applied for.

Can you apply if you have previously provided cycle storage for existing housing stock?

Yes, we welcome enquiries and applications to expand existing projects as well as develop new schemes.

Can you apply for resources to implement residential cycle storage facilities?

Yes, funding is available to design and develop plans to implement a scheme.

Is match funding required?

Match funding or a financial contribution from the applicant party is not a strict condition for applications.

Please contact if you would like further information or have any queries regarding this project.