Cycling Friendly NHS Worker Fund

Supporting NHS staff during Covid-19 to travel to work by bike.

Cycling Scotland is inviting NHS Scotland health boards to continue to support their staff to cycle to work through a specific scheme aimed to support staff during Covid-19.

In response to the pandemic, our new Cycling Friendly NHS Worker Fund will support key worker staff, who wouldn’t be able to otherwise, access a free bike and lock.

This scheme is aimed to support staff who might not otherwise be able to access bikes through a Cycle to Work scheme due to, for example, affordability or temporary contracts.

We’re inviting NHS Scotland Health Boards to apply for funding between £2,500 and £15,000 which will cover resources for staff:

  • Bikes (to the value of £500 for staff previously not meeting Cycle to Work criteria) as well as lights, mud guards, puncture repair kits and other equipment
  • Bike locks (to value of £60 grant for staff eligible for Cycle to Work scheme)

Download application pack