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Support your pupils through cycling.

Cycling to school brings so many positive benefits: keeping young people fit and healthy, reduces stress ahead of exams, improves productivity and supports mental wellbeing.

Our nationally accredited programme provides a fund and an award scheme to support schools make it easier for their students to cycle.


Our nationally recognised Secondary School Award rewards the pupils, teachers and volunteers around Scotland committed to increasing cycling in schools. Schools are supported through each step of the process towards becoming Cycling Friendly, from the initial registration to assessment.

The award is aimed at encouraging and supporting schools across Scotland to take a leading role in ensuring that any pupil, anywhere can enjoy the benefits of cycling. Cycling Scotland encourages schools who are developing local cycling opportunities to engage with the award as a support tool and to gain recognition for their achievements.

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Development fund

What? The fund provides up to £4,000 to install facilities that make it easier for students and staff to cycle. 

Why? Encouraging pupils to cycle builds confidence, keeps kids healthy and supports disengaged students. 

Who? The fund is open to all secondary schools in Scotland.

How? To find out more and register your interest, send us an email.

The development fund supports Scottish secondary schools to take a leading role in improving the facilities and opportunities for pupils to travel to school by bike. 

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