Active Travel Open Data

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The home of active travel data in Scotland

To inform decision making and policies around active travel (cycling, wheeling and walking), it’s essential to have access to clear, reliable and recent data from across the country.

The Active Travel Open Data portal (ATOD) seeks to address this by providing the most comprehensive collection of active travel data of its kind in Scotland.

It hosts clear, free to access, up-to-date data from a wide range of sources.

The types of data available includes:

  • Cycling statistics from the Scottish Household Survey, Sustrans, Living Streets Scotland and Transport Scotland.
  • Real time automatic cycle counter data from Cycling Scotland’s National Monitoring Framework, local authorities, and other active travel organisations.
  • Traffic survey data from across Scotland.
  • Cycling Scotland programme data including: Bikeability Scotland, the Big Count, YouGov Surveys, and Cycling Friendly awards.

ATOD can support research, policy and decision making at all levels by providing clear data to make evidence-based choices. This can help justify investment in cycling – promoting the development of an active travel friendly country.

Following the principles of openness and partnership working, users can add their own active travel data by simply creating an account. In this way, ATOD will become even more comprehensive over time.

ATOD has recently been updated, making the data even easier to find, understand, download and re-publish.

Before accessing ATOD, please watch this short video demonstrating how to access the data.

You can learn more about ATOD on the Frequently Asked Questions page. If you have a specific query, you can access the Knowledge Base or contact Cycling Scotland’s Monitoring Officer directly at