Cycle Ride Leader


This course covers the skills necessary to lead cycle rides on roads and on recognised cycle paths.

Rides will usually be aimed at novice or inexperienced riders who want to become more active or are interested in exploring their local area by bike.

Candidates aged 16 & 17 can complete the course to be recognised as a Led-Ride Assistant. Led-Ride Assistants can only attend courses where the majority of candidates are over 18.

What skills do I need?

You should be a confident rider with good communication skills.  Cycle Ride Leaders will be a minimum of 18 years old.  Candidates age 16 & 17 can arrange by prior agreement to train as a Led-Ride Assistant.

How long does it take?

This is a one day course. 

What will I need?

You will need a bike in working order and clothing appropriate for the weather.  Candidate Ride Leaders should also identify their target audience.

What will it cost?

The course costs £75 per person, or £400 to organise a bespoke course for a group of 5-8 people. 

To organise a bespoke course, please email

What's next?

On completion of this course, you will have the knowledge and training to confidently lead a group on rides using roads and cycle paths.

Ride leaders have responsibility for decision making on-route, and cannot expect participants to contribute towards this. 

The Cycle Ride Leader can provide a useful introduction to leadership techniques for more ambitious groups, but it is not a substitute for established off-road leadership qualifications.

As a Cycle Ride Leader, it is recommended that you hold a valid first aid certificate and appropriate insurance.

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