Decline in bus journeys and an increase in cycling journeys, says report

20 November 2017    

The Confederation of Passenger Transport (Scotland) published a report today, Trends in Scottish bus patronage, which, among many other trends, mentioned the decline in bus journeys and an increase in cycling journeys in parts of Scotland over the past five years. 

Responding to the report, Keith Irving, Cycling Scotland chief executive, said:

“Buses and bikes are both essential transport modes to create low carbon, economically vibrant, socially inclusive communities. Tackling traffic growth, congestion and managing parking are priorities, whether you are sitting on a bike or a bus. The increase in cycling in Scotland is good news for our health, environment and economy and spend on cycling delivers a fantastic return on investment.

“From this report, congestion, car ownership and rapid changes in technology and shopping habits are clearly the leading factors in the decline in bus journeys, compared to the impact of cycling. In the future, buses and bikes, including e-bikes, could be used in combination for longer journeys, especially in rural areas, to help deliver the brighter future most people want to see for sustainable transport.”

The full report will be published by the Confederation of Passenger Transport (Scotland).