Cycling Friendly Primary School

Cycle Friendly Primary School

Cycling Friendly Primary School supports children to enjoy the benefits of cycling and ride their bikes more often.

Cycling to school brings so many positive benefits: keeping children fit and healthy, building their confidence and giving them skills for life. The Cycling Friendly Primary Schools programme provides an award scheme to support primary schools to make it easier for their pupils to cycle.

Cycling Friendly Primary Schools Award

The award supports Scottish primary schools to take a leading role in improving the facilities and increasing the opportunities for children to cycle to school. Through support and guidance, the Cycling Friendly Primary Schools Award works closely with teachers, parents and pupils and helps them work towards achieving the award. 

Why apply?
Creating opportunities for students to cycle brings so many positive benefits for children: it builds their confidence, increases their independence, creates positive health and fitness routines and gives them a life skill. 

Schools are supported through each step of the process towards becoming Cycling Friendly, from the initial registration through to assessment. We provide a Champions Handbook, which includes a series of lesson plans and useful templates, as well as supporting you with guidance from our Development Team. 

Who can apply?
Everyone! Our Cycling Friendly School Award recognises the parents, teachers and volunteers around Scotland committed to increasing cycling in schools.

It doesn't matter if a school currently provides few opportunities to cycle; what is most important is a vision, a willingness and a commitment to increasing cycling opportunities. We work closely with primary schools, supporting them to begin the journey towards becoming accredited. 

How to apply?
1. Download the award handbook
2. Register your school to begin the process towards accreditation

Who to contact for more information?
To find out more or apply, contact us at:
0141 229 5350 or