Coupar Angus Cycling Hub

An ambitious community project that aims to get Coupar Angus on its bike. 

From a seed of an idea...

Almost a decade ago, the publication of a local guide to cycling routes in Perth and Kinross sparked an interest which has blossomed into the Coupar Angus Cycling Hub. What began as a regular Sunday cycle among a small group of enthusiasts has developed into a community hub offering repair services, training, events and festivals for people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds.

... to a community Hub

A recent move to larger premises at the old Strathmore Bowling Club has been transformational for the Cycling Hub. Now situated in a more prominent location in the town, the Hub is integrated into the community and able to offer the new space as meeting, classroom and workshop venues.  Continuing its development, the Hub has secured funding from Cycling Scotland, the national cycling organisation, and is poised to take cycling to a new level within the local community.

Cycling Friendly funding

The grant from Cycling Scotland’s Cycling Friendly Communities development fund will be used to install a new cycle shelter and repair station that will be accessible to everyone 24/7, removing some of the barriers to cycling to work or school. This will be the first time the Cycling Hub will provide bricks and mortar infrastructure – having previously focused on building confidence and skills through training in local schools.

"From the very start the Hub has been about the community"

Commenting on the Cycling Friendly Communities funding, Coupar Angus Cycling Hub’s cycling development officer Grant Murdoch said “from the very start the Hub has been about the community and connecting people, families and generations. Our events have become popular staples of the social calendar and community involvement in training classes has taught new skills and confidence.

"Being able to install cycling storage and a mechanic station has enabled us to break down another barrier to cycling. It makes cycling, safely storing and fixing bikes more convenient. This is one of the big steps needed to help change behaviour and attitudes towards cycling and is allowing us to engage with more people and get them coming to the cycling hub.

Reaching more people

"Everything we do", Grant continues "is about making cycling easier and more accessible for everyone, and this funding and support is making this possible. It will allow people to use their bikes in day-to-day life, knowing their bike is safe at the hub and that they can check it over and pump up the tyres on the stand. We hope to reach even more people by installing facilities they can trust – enabling a wider pool of people to consider cycling as being a practical way of commuting. This will bring both individual and communal benefits to locals as they discover the positive effects upon their health and wellbeing through physical exercise and contributing to a greener environment.”

Connecting journeys

The project also has a small bike shop, aimed at creating jobs and a sustainable income stream which will support the wider aims of the Hub to get more people on bikes. In addition, the new facilities are conveniently adjacent to the existing bus route, allowing people to commute into town, complete their journey by bike, and take advantage of this lively community Cycling Hub.

If you're interested in how the Cycling Friendly Community development fund could make a difference to your cycling project, find out more here