Operational update

Following the latest public health advice concerning coronavirus, our priority is to follow the protocols and protect the wellbeing of everyone we work with and the wider community.

We have postponed and altered our support services, training courses and other activities accordingly. Thanks to everyone for your understanding, adaptability and team spirit.


The majority of scheduled, non-essential, cycle training supported by Cycling Scotland is cancelled until further notice.

Some local authorities are running Bikeability Scotland training in hub schools for key workers’ children. The training is being carried out with a reduced number of pupils and following strict public health protocols, including physical distancing and good hygiene practices. Under these circumstances Cycling Scotland fully supports this activity.

Cycling Friendly grant funding

We would like to reassure all Cycling Friendly organisations of our understanding and support for issues you may now be facing in delivering funded projects. If you have applied for or received grant funding from us, please note: 

  • Where a grant offer has been made, this will be paid on time, subject to the submission of relevant paperwork.
  • If you are experiencing difficulties achieving any agreed outputs or outcomes because of the new circumstances, please contact us to discuss.
  • Similarly, if you think you will struggle to meet a project delivery or reporting deadline because of restrictions, please contact us to agree a revised time frame. 

Whilst the overall terms and conditions which apply to your grant will continue, we understand you may need more time and we are here to support you to achieve the outcomes.

Cycling Friendly awards

Please note our nationally recognised award assessments will continue with online and telephone guidance and support; further details are available at cyclingfriendly.scot.

Pedal for Scotland

We are delaying the launch of our new, family-friendly events and hope to be able to share details in the summer.

Contact us

In line with advice from the Scottish Government, our staff have now moved to home working. Our development officers can be contacted by email or mobile if you are already in touch with them or you can:


We are following the latest advice from the Scottish Government and will update our guidance as and when the situation changes. These next few months are going to be difficult for everyone but we will work together to find our way through.